Session information

Before starting work with your family, it is advisable to arrange an initial telephone consultation to discuss concerns, challenges, strengths and therapy expectations and goals. Following this initial consultation, I will arrange a one to one meeting with your child and will undertake an assessment to further understand the nature of their strengths and difficulties. Usually, it takes a few sessions to complete this assessment. When the assessment is complete, I will arrange one final meeting with you to provide feedback, present a personalized treatment plan of appropriate interventions and together we will plan the best way to proceed. When age and developmentally appropriate, young people are also an integral part of this process.

Once we engage in the therapeutic process, further review meetings of the work will be scheduled according to individual needs.  

Note: Due to the need for physical distancing, those initial consultation and assessments sessions will be scheduled completely online using secure and approved video conferencing technologies.     

There is no commitment to engage in individual sessions after the initial consultation or at the end of the assessment period.

Services I offer

I offer short- and long-term therapy. Each session lasts 50 minutes and normally takes place on the same day and time each week. The approximate length of the work will be decided with the family and the child/ youth.

  • Individual therapy sessions for children/ youth
  • Reflective parenting sessions for parents/carers

Note: Due to the need for physical distancing, I am currently offering online counselling exclusively over the phone or via secure video platforms.