About me

I find working with young people and their families rewarding and fulfilling. I love meeting new clients and hearing their stories. Every time and with every client, I feel privileged being part of their journey.

Born in Greece, I moved to London, UK where I lived for ten years and achieved my qualification as a Child & Adolescent Counsellor. I have worked with children and youth coming from diverse backgrounds in a school setting as well as a private practice. Having recently moved to Mississauga, ON I am looking forward to applying my expertise and helping families facing challenges and uncertainty. Through my personal experience, I have a deep understanding and compassion of what changes may entail in someone’s life and the possible impact of them in their well-being. It does not matter whether a change is small or big, planned, or unexpected, every person, and especially children and youth, may have a hard time processing and coming to terms with it.    

I love travelling, visiting new places and connecting with people. It fascinates me to get to know and learn about new cultures and ways of living. Through my travels, I have developed a better awareness of diversity and difference, which helps me challenge my personal views and blind spots. And when I am not able to travel, I use books to immerse myself in different adventures. Another thing close to my heart is my love of nature. Going for a walk and/ or visiting a green space is an integral part of me, helping me recharge my batteries and feel grounded and calm.    

Having also worked in various school settings during the last 15 years, and in different capacities, I have augmented my counselling experience developing a holistic view by engaging in teaching and leading the well-being, welfare, and pastoral school agendas. In all my roles, supporting students to achieve their potential and meet their goals on a social, emotional, cognitive, and academic level was a crucial success factor and personal goal of mine.


  • Postgraduate Diploma in Child and Adolescent Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • MA Child-Centred Interprofessional Practice (Birth to 19yrs)
  • MSc Information and Communication Technology in Education
  • BSc Computer Science

Further Training

  • Foundation of Cyber-counselling (8 weeks course, University of Toronto)
  • Psychological First Aid (5 weeks course, John Hopkins University)
  • Making trauma therapy safe (2 days course)
  • Managing risk when working with children and young people (1-day course)